Lion Island Race for Keelboats - 2022

Event information

Late registrations for this event are closed.

BYRA’S B-day Race!

Take a break from the pre-Christmas madness to come help us celebrate BYRA’s
73rd birthday with a race around Lion Island!

Way back in 1949 two Aussie blokes [Williams and Dalton] challenged each other to
a race around Lion Island. It was such a roaring success that BYRA was born.

Enjoy a day of rollicking fun as we relive this Pittwater Classic!

Please Note the following rules in regard to "Extra Sails"

Boats shall not use ‘extra’ sails such as spinnakers or asymmetricals.

When on a free leg of the course, a boat may pole out only one headsail providing that the headsail is hanked onto the forestay
or is attached to the forestay by means of a luff groove and the pole is attached to the mast.

A sloop-rigged boat shall not fly any more than one headsail. Boats may only sail with 1 mainsail and 1 headsail set.

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Lion Island Race Poster 2022 Lion Island Race NOR & SI-2022