Sail Pass

SAIL PASS - Introductory membership

Sail Pass
allows temporary members to participate in our club sailing events such as Sunday races, Learn to Sail, Regattas and Twilight yacht races.

Sail Pass provides participants cover under the Australian Sailing Personal Accident Insurance policy while on the water for the days that Sail Pass applies.

Select the dates you plan on sailing and register into Sail Pass for maximum of 10 passes (dates) before they join BYRA as a sailing member. This provides a safer way of ensuring you are insured while being out on the water and in the process of becoming a BYRA Sailing member.

There are three categories:  

- Discover Twilight SailPass: Tuesday (4:00pm-9.30pm) - Cost: 1 pass= $25.

- Dinghy /Off The Beach Sail Pass Sunday afternoon Racing: Cost 1-3 passes=FREE, After 3 passes= $25