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As our club name indicates BYRA’s history started with a race around Lion Island and racing has continued to be the main focus of the majority of members.

Pittwater is an excellent sheltered area for dinghy and yacht racing and BYRA shares the space with four other clubs. Three of these clubs, the Royal Prince Alfred, Avalon Sailing Club and BYRA get together to form Combined Fleet dinghy racing on Sunday afternoons starting at 1.30 pm. The clubs share the Race Management tasks. The Race Officer has the choice of two areas; the north course to the north of Scotland Island and the southern which is just beyond the moorings only five minutes from the clubhouse.

The advantages of the cooperation between the combined fleet clubs means:

  • bigger fleets on the water.
  • more boats in the classes.
  • the experience of more challenging starts and marks rounding.
  • better competition for all, whatever the level of your racing ability.

The combined fleet sees often 60 plus dinghies racing on a Sunday afternoon, something not seen in many clubs. There are also a number of days in the season when BYRA runs its own races without the other clubs. This allows the opportunity to change the format somewhat and perhaps do some distance races, round the fixed marks races or handicap starts.

The racing is a combination of accumulated Point Score races and a Club Championship Series. As can be seen displayed on the clubhouse walls and trophy cupboards the victors receive traditional trophies at the Annual AGM and prize giving.

Successful sailors that have come through BYRA racing, Mark Thorpe, Brett Beyer, Rick Reatti, Les Thorpe, Emmet Lazich.


racing classes


The NS14 is an Australian designed sailing dinghy, intended for competitive family sailing. It has a simple rig, is light enough to be lifted from a trailer into the water by 3 persons of average strength, requires only reasonable fitness to sail, and is affordable by the private sailor.

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Laser Class

The most popular one design class in Australia and in the world. Sailed by young and Masters all over the country it has three sizes of sail for different helm weights and progression.


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Laser Standard
The Olympic men’s single-handed class.

Laser Radial
The Olympic women’s single-handed class. A smaller sail than the standard sailed by both men and women whose weight is less than those who sail a Standard Rig.

Laser 4.7
A Laser with smaller sail than the Radial sailed by lighter adults and mostly teens both female and male progressing from Junior classes.


Junior Classes

International Optimist


Open Bic

Flying 11
The club has a number of Manly Juniors and Pittwater Juniors which are available to Junior Members to try and to race to further their skills either in a two handed, with spinnaker boat, or other single handers.

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Other Dinghies
Sailed in the Club

Single handed with rotating mast.

Foiling Moth
Fastest single hander on the water.

Bethwaite 49er
Olympic class two trapeze skiff.

Two-person family one design class with rotating mast.